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Web Mail
pkFamily.com is dedicated to making the Internet a useful and practical communication tool, and is available to all people, all ages, and all faiths.

pkFamily has partnered with Digital Systems Support, Inc. to offer the most advanced filtering technology available to date! With years of experience in implementing filtering technology on a national basis, Digital Systems Support, Inc. is recognized as the pioneer and leader in the filtered Internet Service Provider industry. Digital Systems Support, Inc. employs patented filtering technology that has consistently rated superior to the competition based on independent studies, tests, and evaluations.

Digital Systems Support, Inc.'s filtering couples the advantages of current server-side filtering with next-generation advancements that include automated document review programs which feature multilingual, context-sensitive, real-time filtering technology that reviews web documents on the fly, enabling safe use of search engines, anthology sites, and web pages. In addition, pornographic banner ads are eliminated. So no more worry about children seeing inappropriate web ads!

What does this mean for pkFamily subscribers? They benefit from the most effective and advanced filtering technology available to date---period!

How it Works:
Our filtering system consists of a huge database of known sites which is updated daily. If a site which you attempt to access appears in a blocked list, the site will be blocked immediately. In addition, we also use a dynamic software filter called DDR. DDR stands for Dynamic Document Review. It is a software filter, which "looks" at all sites before they are displayed on your computer. After the site is compared to the known lists, if it is not found it is scanned and given a numerical "score" based on its content. If this score exceeds a certain threshold, the site will automatically be blocked.

Please note that these lists may be updated/modified as required.

Below are the site list categories which are blocked:

Drugs/Non-medical: Sites which promote the use of illegal drugs.

Gambling: Sites which allow or promote online Gambling.

Crime: Sites which promote illegal activities.

Weapons: Sites which promote illegal weapons or the use of illegal weapons.

Violence: Sites which promote violence.

Sex/Personals: Sites which contain inappropriate personal ads.

Sex/Nudity: Sites which contain nude or semi-nude images.

Sex/Attire: Sites which contain lingerie or other provocative clothing.

Intolerance: Sites which promote intolerance, hate, or discrimination.

Sex/Acts: Sites which contain pornography or links to pornographic sites.

Interactive/Mail: Sites which contain or allow inappropriate email correspondence.

Interactive/Chat: Sites which contain or allow inappropriate chat areas.

Inappropriate Sexual topics: Sites which contain material of a mature level.

Inappropriate Banner Ads: Advertisements containing inappropriate images.

Drugs/Advocacy: Sites which promote the use of illegal drugs.

Inappropriate: Sites containing miscellaneous material in other categories.

Additionally, pkFamily denies access to Newsgroups. Although there are many good Newsgroups, there is also a significant number of groups specializing in total smut. Therefore, since most users do not need access to Newsgroups, all Newsgroups are blocked to be safe.

Furthermore, email is filtered for known spammers... that is domains that have been known to send volumes of unsolicited emails. Many porn sites use email to send to lists they harvest from the Internet. Be advised, however, that filtering email cannot be locked down as tightly as we'd like... because if our filters inadvertently blocked an email you really wanted to receive, we'd obviously get complaints! So, the bottom line is that although we filter lots of "bad" email, we can't catch it all without blocking email you wish to get through.

For more detailed explanations about filtering, see our Comparison and read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).